Smoke & Ash

Pitmaster’s Name: Kelly Komorowski
Team Members: Shirley Penner
Location: Spruce Grover, Alberta

Team Bio:Started Smoke & Ash BBQ Food Truck in Sep 2016, had a Whole lot of fun with it. Had no previous experience with the exception of back yard grilling. The food truck took off like crazy. The whole idea was to work the truck in the summer and vacation during the winter. Our first year we went to Vegas Sandiego SanFrancisco, and Reno. The second year we were to go to Texas but apparently it flooded. So we decided to open Smoke & Ash Restaurant in Oct 2017. We so far we are loving it and our passion for the Q has led us to start competing this year

PS-AB, ProSeries, PS-West
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022