Wolfe BBQ Fest


Contest Date:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
City / Town:  Richmond
Province:  Quebec
Sanctioning Body: KCBS –  Event Website

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Ancillary Categories 
Kids’ Q




TeamOverall PlaceOver All Points
North Pole BBQ294.4444
Team Eatapedia388.8889
What The Pork?483.3333
Fat Tiger BBQ577.7778
Sibling Rivalry766.6667
Pirates BBQ861.1111
Shark ribs bbq955.5556
Bark Boys Qc1050.0000
SKARA old school bbq1144.4444
Wally BBQ1238.8889
Boy Meats Grill1333.3333
Lords of the Ribs1427.7778
Stubborn Grillers1711.1111
Shop Boys BBQ185.5556