Contest Date:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
City / Town:  Quebec (Loretteville)
Province:  Quebec
Sanctioning Body:  KCBS –  Event Website

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Quebec, Quebec
86 Boulevard des Étudiants, Québec, QC G2A 1N5, Canada


TeamOverall PlaceOver All Points
Pirates BBQ1100.0000
What The Pork?295.8333
PAT BBQ391.6667
Bark Boys Qc487.5000
Wally BBQ679.1667
Shop Boys BBQ775.0000
Fat Tiger BBQ870.8333
North Pole BBQ966.6667
SDB BBQ1158.3333
Team L.L. Prohibition1445.8333
PRIME BBQ1637.5000
Stubborn Grillers1733.3333
Lords of the Ribs2020.8333
Alpha Barbecue2116.6667
SKARA old school bbq2212.5000