Contest Date:  May 26, 2019
City / Town:  Ottawa
Province:  Ontario
Sanctioning Body:  KCBS –  Event Website

Also Offering:
Kids Q
Backyard / Amateur Contest 
People Choice (Public Tasting)
KCBS Certified BBQ Judge Class
KCBS Certified BBQ Table Captain Class
KCBS BBQ Competition
Steak Cookoff Association Event
Steak Cookoff Association Certified BBQ Judging Class




Nepean, Ontario
Clarke Fields Park, 93 Houlahan St, Nepean, ON K2J 3Y7, Canada


TeamOverall PlaceOver All Points
Prairie Smoke & Spice395.3488
Smokin Boys & Hot Grills590.6977
Pirates BBQ786.0465
What The Pork?981.3953
Jack9 BBQ1079.0698
Mean Moe’s BBQ1176.7442
Rusty Smoke1274.4186
Wine Country Barbecue1372.0930
North Pole BBQ1469.7674
Wally BBQ1567.4419
Bark Boys Qc1665.1163
Fat Tiger BBQ1958.1395
Smoldering Ash Holes2055.8140
The Good Cue Crew2153.4884
PAT BBQ2251.1628
McLay Brothers BBQ2446.5116
Lords of the Ribs2544.1860
PRIME BBQ2641.8605
Aubry’s Bar-B-Que2739.5349
SDB BBQ2934.8837
Shop Boys BBQ3130.2326
Goon’s BBQ3227.9070
Sibling Rivalry3325.5814
SKARA old school bbq3423.2558
Alpha Barbecue3520.9302
Stubborn Grillers3911.6279
Hanging Bellies BBQ409.3023
Boy Meats Grill424.6512