Canadian BBQ Society Logo

Terms Of Use

The Canadian BBQ Society logo may be downloaded and used for printed and digital media. By downloading and using the Canadian BBQ Society logo, the person, individual or organization downloading the images agrees to the following:

  • The Canadian BBQ Society hereby grants you the limited right to use the Canadian BBQ Society logo solely to identify an individual or team’s membership in the Canadian BBQ Society, events that the Canadian BBQ Society actively supports (such as BBQ contests and events) and digital reference to the Canadian BBQ Society website and social media references (links);
  • The logo shall never be used as a means to suggest the Canadian BBQ Society endorses the policies, products or services of whomever downloads and uses the image. The use of the Canadian BBQ Society logo in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied of the Canadian BBQ Society, it’s Board of Directors or members;
  • The use of the Canadian BBQ Society logo is not granted exclusively to any party, and the Canadian BBQ Society is free to grant such use to any other party, as it determines fit to do so;
  • The logo shall not be used for commercial purposes nor be displayed on items designated for sale without prior and written approval by the Canadian BBQ Society Board of Directors;
  • There are two defined logo’s for the Canadian BBQ Society – a red image (leaf) and black text on a white background with a solid black border; and a second format with red image (leaf) and white text on a black background with a solid white border. A greyscale format would change the red leaf to either white or black in the corresponding defined formats. These are the only two accepted formats of the logo and any alterations from these formats requires written approval from the Canadian BBQ Society Board of Directors.
  • The Canadian BBQ Society may require unauthorized use of the copyright material (the logo) to cease immediately;
  • In case of any violation of this Terms of Use, the Canadian BBQ Society reserves the right to action the cease of logo use including legal action.