Happy New Year! It's 2015!

Here we are, another year! This year will see some big changes for the Canadian BBQ Society. New comps, new prizes, new partnerships and an even stronger presence than we had last year.

Here are some quicks highlights from 2014:

We had 70 teams from 6 provinces across Canada join the Society! 70! That's huge! And we kept tabs on all of them, tracking everyone's scores all season long. This was the first time this had even been attempted in Canada and we received tons of positive feedback. Teams really appreciated seeing how they ranked amongst other teams, but also seeing their own stats at a glance on each of their pages here.

We tracked competitions from 3 sanctioning bodies: (13 from the PNWBA, 30 KCBS and 3 CSBBQA events) for a total of 46 contests!

2014 World Food Championships Scores

Here are the results from the 2014 World Food Championships in Las Vegas, NV:

World Barbecue Championship:

House of Q: 7th Place!! WAY TO GO BRIAN!!
Smokin' Boys & Hot Grills: 39th Place
Diva Q: 33rd Place
Gettin' Sauced: 37th Place

Bacon World Championship:

MeatVentures: 11th Place! STRONG Finish, Salar!
Delivering Smoke: 25th Place

World Burger Championship:

Rusty's BBQ: 17th Place
Big Dog BBQ: 21st Place

World Open Chili Championship:

Bad Ass BBQ: 26th Place

World Food Championships in Vegas!

RIght NOW, The Great White North descends on fabulous Las Vegas to participate in various categories at the World Food Championships! 9 of the 11 teams competing are CBBQS members!

Here are the Canadian BBQ Society teams competing, and their categories:


House of Q
Smokin' Boys & Hot Grills
Diva Q
Gettin' Sauced


Delivering Smoke


Rusty's BBQ
Big Dog BBQ


Bad Ass BBQ

Good luck to all in your various categories!!!!

Kicking Butt at The Jack!

Oh Canada! Canadians had a great turnout at The Jack this year! Check this out:


43rd: House of Q
44th: Prairie Smoke & Spice
47th: Blackstrap BBQ

House of Q took 13th Place Ribs, 6th Place Pork, 1th Place Home Cookin' For The Homeland
Prairie Smoke & Spice: 5th Place Brisket, 1st Place Home Cookin' For The Homeland (AGAIN!), 5th Place Jack Daniel's Sauce
Blackstrap: 24th Place Brisket

We are all very proud of how well Canada was represented by these fantastic teams!

The Jack is Next Weekend!

That magical time of year is upon us once again: The Jack Daniel's World Championship BBQ Invitational. And 3 Canadian teams had their bungs drawn to go:

* House of Q in BC
* Prairie Smoke & Spice in SK
* Blackstrap BBQ in PQ

Some of the teams are already on their way down now! To quote the Canadian BBQ Society's Team of the Year, Brian Misko of the House of Q: