Heavy D BBQ was formed on a challenge in 2011, Dave Wharry mentioned that a KCBS competition was going to be held in blue mountain, I spoke to some friends and my son, awe decided to enter. Paid our entry fees and realized my propane smoker was not going to be allowed. So after a bit of research we bought 2 WSMS (22”) commissioned a Weber Performer Grill and figured we were ready to go. We did some research on the and tested some top secret recipes (including peri-peri chicken).

We arrived for the cook, banners in place, awning set up, fantastic setting, our next door neighbour was a team called Happy Grillmore, led by a great guy, Shultz, more about him later. Attended the cooks meeting, met Diva Q for the first time, though at the time we did not know her, Dave mentioned she was some sort of celebrity. So Friday night, ribs are cooked, pulled off an sauced – placed in the cold cooler, 2 briskets are put on and 4 pork butts, I am using Charcos Coconut shell charcoal and hickory wood chunks for everything, not knowing that it does not produce enough nitrates to create a smoke ring. We dink a lot an leave my son to tend the fires while we go sleep.

Next morning with terrible hangovers we head on back and check temperatures, pull the Brisket and butts, wrap it and put it back on the smoker, soon they reach the temps that our howtosmokeright instructions have told us, pull them off and into the dry cooler they go. Pull the cooked ribs out of the cold box, add more sauce and back onto the smoker they go. Meanwhile our chicken is onto the performer grill and we are off the races. We bought the biggest chicken thighs we could, we taste and test we have a winner. Chicken hand in, by this time ribs are ready, bite test well, another winner – two categories in, 2 winners, confidence is high, we have this. Out comes the pork, I have no idea where the money muscle is, no problem, pull some off and slap in box, not very confident here, maybe a 3rd or 4th place? Out comes the brisket, it has continued cooking in the cooler and is so overdone, I cannot slice it. I am done, not going to hand in our brisket, Shultz who was tasting and encouraging us, told me to chunk it and in the box it went, we now had 4 entries in, I had no hope for the brisket. The people around us had told us how good our food was, we in believed them because we knew it was good we figured a strong finish was in order.

We went down to the prize giving and waited for our name to be called in chicken, it was somebody else, we did not make the top 10, next was ribs, same, as were pork and brisket, it was official, we sucked.