That magical time of year is upon us once again: The Jack Daniel's World Championship BBQ Invitational. And 3 Canadian teams had their bungs drawn to go:

* House of Q in BC
* Prairie Smoke & Spice in SK
* Blackstrap BBQ in PQ

Some of the teams are already on their way down now! To quote the Canadian BBQ Society's Team of the Year, Brian Misko of the House of Q:

"Saturday marks the start of House of Q's trek for leg 2 of our US BBQ tour to the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational BBQ . We decided to take a couple of extra days on the way... our truck/trailer/kitchen is parked in Dallas right now after the American Royal. We will pick it up, trek through Arkansas to Memphis and Nashville before we get to Lynchburg. We will wave our Canadian flag proudly at our tent, place our hand over the maple leaf on our t-shirts and ultimately do our best to represent our fine nation. I've always wanted to have nets, sticks and a ball on hand to start up a quick hockey game while we wait as we cook however finding that gear in rural Tennessee is not so easy. Glad to be joining up with Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ and Blackstrap BBQ - safe travels all!"

The Canadian BBQ Society, and surely all our members, will be watching with anticipation and hoping you all get to hear your names called! Last year, Prairie Smoke & Spice took 1st Place in the "Dish From The Homeland" category, and I was lucky enough to have been there, both to see their incredible turn-in, and to see the team get to walk.

Dylan Black from Blackstrap, will be making his second appearance at the Jack. He first attended in 2012 and it was only his second contest EVER! Dylan is the current undefeated Champion in Quebec. That's not just within the CBBQS scoring, but in all Professional Events he has cooked in that Province! Dylan is a focused man with lots of tricks up his sleeve and I would be so happy to hear he got to walk.

So, best of luck to all you folks representing The Great White North a way down south. Remember, get that Canadian flag up there first!!

Wishing you all the very best and cheering you on from afar!