February 25, 2015

Canadian BBQ Society to determine Canadian Food Championship’s BBQ Winners

Edmonton, AB—The Canadian Food Championships (CFC) has partnered with the Canadian BBQ Society (CBBQS) to determine which Canadian BBQ teams will be crowned the Canadian Food Champs. This partnership allows Canadian competitors of any sanctioned BBQ competition, in Canada or the USA a shot at qualifying to compete in the World Food Championships in Florida.

“The Canadian Food Championships is very pleased to announce our partnership with the Canadian BBQ society,” Paul Lucas, Events Edmonton’s General Manager Paul Lucas said. “This Canadian BBQ Society is connected through every province of Canada and will help us to determine the top 4 Canadian BBQ Teams that will become part of Team Canada’s delegation at the World Food Championships. We look forward to meeting and cheering on the winners in Kissimmee, Florida in November.”

The Canadian Food Championships has 8 categories where competitors will face off to win a trip to Florida to compete in the World Food Championships. While winners of 7 of the 8 categories will be determined at Centennial Plaza in Edmonton from July 21-25, the BBQ category winners will be determined by the CBBQS through their compilation of national standings based on sanctioned BBQ competitions that occur between September 1, 2014, and August 31, 2015.

The CBBQS will tally the teams’ scores from their top 4 showings to determine the winners. The top two Eastern teams (from Manitoba east) and the top two Western teams (from Saskatchewan west) will receive a $1500 travel voucher and free entry and qualification into the World Food Championships. These four BBQ teams will join the other Canadian Food Championship winners to represent Team Canada and compete for the World Food Championships’ grand prize of $100,000.

“The Canadian BBQ Society is proud to be involved with the Canadian Food Championships", says Rob Reinhardt, Prairie Chapter Lead for the organization. "As Canada's National BBQ society, we have a unique opportunity to utilize our proprietary team and contest database to help choose the best teams to represent Canada at the World Food Championships."

Those interested in qualifying can visit to become a member of the CBBQS at no cost and find a list of competitions. CBBQS will select the winners based on the standings on September 1, 2015. Head Cooks for qualifying teams must have their occupation and primary residence in Canada.

For more information on the Canadian Food Championships, or to apply to compete or judge in any of the other 7 categories, please visit


About the Canadian Food Championships
The Canadian Food Championships is a high energy, high intensity, timed, double-blind judged cooking competition open to any Canadian resident with prizes valued at over $50,000 up for grabs. It is the only Canadian qualifying event to get to the World Food Championships, where a prizes of over $300,000 are up for grabs. The Canadian Food Championships will take place from July 21-25, 2015, at Centennial Plaza, in conjunction with Taste of Edmonton. Visit for more information.

About the World Food Championships
The World Food Championships is the highest stakes food competition in the world, featuring more than 400 competitors battling for ultimate bragging rights, huge cash prizes and the coveted title of World Food Champion. The fourth annual event will take place Nov. 1-8, 2015 in Kissimmee, Fla.  Following a tournament-style format across multiple iconic food categories, including burger, sandwich, barbecue and more, the WFC will culminate with a Final Table face-off where category champions brave potential elimination in front of a live audience and a discerning panel of culinary celebrities. For more information visit:

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