Happy New Year! It's 2015!

Here we are, another year! This year will see some big changes for the Canadian BBQ Society. New comps, new prizes, new partnerships and an even stronger presence than we had last year.

Here are some quicks highlights from 2014:

We had 70 teams from 6 provinces across Canada join the Society! 70! That's huge! And we kept tabs on all of them, tracking everyone's scores all season long. This was the first time this had even been attempted in Canada and we received tons of positive feedback. Teams really appreciated seeing how they ranked amongst other teams, but also seeing their own stats at a glance on each of their pages here.

We tracked competitions from 3 sanctioning bodies: (13 from the PNWBA, 30 KCBS and 3 CSBBQA events) for a total of 46 contests!